Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Good news scrollers! HALLOWEEN is fast approaching, but “The Magnificent Monster” contest winners are already here.

The scoring has been completed. See criteria below for each category.

Criteria included:

1.  Subject Matter must have been related to DARK FANTASY.DARK FANTASY.
2.  Meter -- the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables that creates a reading rhythm.
3.  Originality – the quality of newness. A new, creative perspective on an old theme.
4.  Following contest rules
            a. commenting on other contestants entries
            b. being a follower of The Storyteller’s Scroll (check followers to see if you are there. Currently, there are 44 followers and I’ve double-checked each entry against the follower’s list.


Criteria included:

1.     Subject Matter must have been related to DARK FANTASY.

2.     Dialogue: natural, or stilted?

3.     Character development: Were characters and/or their actions believable? Cliched? Were they memorable? Consider the protagonist, antagonist and supporting characters.

4.     Plot: Clear beginning, middle and end? Beginning hook? Plausible ending? Predictable? Unexpected?

5. Theme: Was there a message in the story?

6. Point of View: Was the story told in active or passive voice? Consistent with verb tense?

7. Setting: What did you remember about it? Was it unique? Memorable? Did the writer evoke all theof the senses?


We had excellent participation in this year’s Spooktacular Rhyming Contest. I am pleased to have sponsored a fun contest that allows authors to share their work.



Poem – “Monster Mom” by Kathy "An Eyeball in My Garden." - signed
Short Story – “The Heeblahs” by Angelulu4 "Shiver"


Winners may contact me at my email address, which can be found on my website page. The link is in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

Please send me your physical address before October 27th, so you will receive the books before Halloween.

Thanks you, everyone, for participating!

Stay Tuned for the next Rhyming Contest at The Storyteller's Scroll in December, when the winner shall receive a signed ROCK STAR SANTA picture book.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Only Three Days Left for the Magnificent Monster Contest!!

Last call for entries for "The Magnificent Monster Contest" at the Storytellers Scroll.

Winners will be announced on October 26th.

Best poem wins - a signed copy of An Eyeball in My Garden.
Best prose wins - a copy of Shiver.

Good luck everyone. Get those Mysterious Magnificent Monsters Moaning!

Good Luck everyone.

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