Thursday, March 7, 2019

Beyond The Fairytale - Online Writing Course for Children's Writers

For a story to truly hold a child’s attention it must entertain them and arouse their curiosity. But to enrich their life it must stimulate imagination and help develop intellect!

No story does it better than fairytales!

On April 12thI will be leading a roundtable discussion at the Eastern Pennsylvania SCBWI Pocono Retreat. The topic? Beyond The Fairytale: Something Old! Something Borrowed! Something New!

It will be shortened version of my writing workshop using a traditional fairytale as a mentor text to find the writer’s voice for PB, MG, or YA (writer’s choice) 

Participants will discover the kernel of a potential new children’s story from a fairytale. Participants should bring their favorite fairytale to use as a mentor text. 

My favorite fairytale is The Twelve Dancing Princesses, sometimes called The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces because as stated above, it always did and still does stimulate my imagination. It’s that stimulation that I hope will allow my participants to create a setting and framework for a new story, which is different, yet holds the premise of the original tale. 

My urban fantasy YA novel, RATGIRL: SONG OF THE VIPER, is an example of this method of writing. 

And my newest picture book, ONCE UPON A TWISTED TALE, is a poetry collection of ‘fractured fairytales.’

Before the workshop is over, participants will have the first page of a new work completed. And I will offer an opportunity to submit the first chapter (novel) or entire picture book for critique.

Anyone else interested in this writing workshop? I've taught it at The Cliffhouse Writer's Retreat, The Milford Readers and Writers Festival and now at SCBWI Eastern PA Pocono Retreat

Past participants and my past students have asked me to teach this as an online course. I'm contemplating it if there is enough interest. After all, I taught Children's Literature for thirty years. Why stop now? 

Please comment below. If we have 10 interested writers I will develop an online "fairytale' course, covering prequels, sequels, and fresh retellings.

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