Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Book Review of SHE LEADS by June Smalls

So, I won a copy of this book in Zombie Week. June Smalls is my Wheatie sister and I am pleased to post my review here. I thoroughly recommend this book for classroom, bedtime, family readings, and for all adult lovers of elephants.

One of the first things that attracted my eye as I opened June Small’s SHE LEADS was the double text (one for preschoolers – simple) and one for older children – (more fact-filled sidebars on individual pages). How cool is that? The second was Yumi Shimokawara's naturalistic illustrations. (Beautiful!) A powerful book of feminine leadership in the animal kingdom. The Elephant Queen nurtures strength in her family and looks after her herd. The stunning story starts with the birth of an elephant princess and ends in the same manner. SHE LEADS demonstrates “girl power,” and will inspire human girls to “take the lead” in discussions, achievements, and life. 

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