Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Christmas trees are up and decorated in stores and even in some houses. Santa's helpers will soon be arriving daily at stores, even to local bakeries. 

They must make sure those Christmas Eve cookies are scrumptious!

So, in catching the "Holiday" spirit, I'd like to giveaway a signed copy of 

ROCK STAR SANTA and his sparkling red scarf, designed and fashioned by me.

"Great," you say. "I can use the book for a stocking stuffer or for one of my kid's school, Brownie, or Cub Scout grab bags. And I could certainly use a new red scarf for the holidays."

"Sure you can. That's the beauty of a Christmas giveaway, but you need to do a little something first.


Santa’s been performing his Christmas concert for years. He’s a rock star! But he’d only be singing Jingle Bells without his rockin’ reindeer band. This is your chance to tell us about those crazy reindeer.

1. Choose your favorite rockin’ reindeer and write a 4-8 line poem about him/her. You can check out the pictures below. Mrs. Claus will dye her hair red and rock out to the best poem.

Dancer and Dasher
Vixen and Donner

Cupid and Prancer

Comet and Blitzen

Winner will receive:

1. A signed copy of ROCK STAR SANTA

2. And, an authentic ROCK STAR SANTA sparkly, red scarf.

Entries should be in by December 15th so Santa can send you the book and scarf before this year’s Christmas Eve Concert.

You have a whole month for rocking, rollicking fun.

Enjoy the rhymes!

Contest sponsored by: JINGLE BELL JAMS

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