Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fall Frenzy Writing Contest 2020

 I entered this last year and it was a great writing experience. This year’s rules:

1. Choose a fall image from Lydia Lukidis’s blog

2. Write a 200 word (or less) poem, story, mood piece, whatever strikes your fancy from the chosen image as long as it’s child friendly.

3. Entries MUST be submitted from October 1-3 by midnight.

4. Enter by posting on your blog and then leaving the link for your submission on Lydia’s blog post.

5. One entry per person.

6. Winners announced on 10/31/20

7. Prizes feature critiques from editors, agents, and published authors.

Monday, September 14, 2020


 My last post, in July, was to celebrate and review one of my Wheatie sisters for her picture book, SHE LEADS. 

Today, I am celebrating and reviewing another. 

Tina Shepardson's new picture book just released this week. WALKOUT demonstrates for young children that they have the right to let their voices be heard for a topic that concerns their safety.

Shepardson’s WALKOUT is a simple explanation  

to the very young that standing up for what you 

believe in is important. And Sirrell’s illustrations 

artfully being Shepardson’s story to life. Maddie 

organizes her class for the schoolwide walkout

against school violence. And Stella, her best 

friend is afraid to participate. Through gentle 

persistence and delicate persuasion, Maddie 

repeatedly tries to get Stella to participate. Stella 

understands the importance of the schoolwide 

movement but takes the principal’s words to 

heart (only older grades may participate). So,

when her whole class (including her teacher) 

line up to join in the walkout, Stella sees and 

understands that there is a balance between 

interpreting the words of adults and doing the

right thing to support the safety of all students, 

whether they be young or old.

Energized to Write for the New Year

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