Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dancing with Bear and Suzanne Bloom in Florida

Today was a special day at Elsie Quirk Library in Englewood, Florida. 

Fellow author, and friend Suzanne Bloom did a presentation for children. Her drawing of Goose in Cowboy hat and boots enraptured the children as she began her presentation.

We danced with Bear.


 We drew with Goose, and we read with Suzanne.


and then moved on to BEAR CAN DANCE.

The children, parents and grandparents danced along with Bear after his story was over.

Each child colored Bear, Goose, and Fox, while Ms. Bloom autographed the children’s favorite book.

Children listened. . .

Children danced . . .

Children colored . . .

. . .and a good time was had by all!

Thank you, Suzanne.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Heart of a Grumpy Bear - The Valen-tiny Contest

So happy Susannah has developed another fun writing contest. My entry for the first "Valentiny Writing Contest" is below. Looking forward to reading all of the great entries.

The Heart of a Grumpy Bear

“I don’t want chocolate candy.
I do not want a kiss.
This is one holiday
I surely can miss.”

“But Bear, I made this valentine,
cause you’re my bestest friend.”
“Oh, Rabbit, don’t be silly.
It’s just a foolish trend.”

Rabbit trudged away.
She dragged Bear’s special gift.
Tears ran down her cheeks
as she sniveled, sobbed, and sniffed.

Squirrel waited, hand –on-hip,
as Bear strolled to his cave.
“What are you doing?
“That’s no way to behave.

You hurt Rabbit’s feelings.”
“But, I don’t want a heart of red.”
 “This isn’t about you.
It’s about your friends, instead.”

So Bear sat and pondered
the meaning of the day.
And set off through the forest
to celebrate his way.

He gathered wild carrots,
green herbs, and strips of hay,
then added nuts and acorns
in a “Special Friend” Bouquet.

He dropped a note in Rabbit’s hole,
and one in Squirrel’s old tree.
Then sat upon a rock and wondered,
“Are they mad at me?”

Rabbit hip-hopped towards him.
Squirrel scurried to his side.
“This is for you, my friends.
I’m sorry that you cried.

But I don’t need a special day
or a fancy Valentine,
to know we’re friends in every way.
I love you ALL the time.”

Energized to Write for the New Year

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