Saturday, November 17, 2018

ROCK STAR SANTA GIVEAWAY - Manuscript Critique from Callie Metler-Smith, Clearfork/Spork Publisher

Christmas trees are up and decorated in stores and even in some houses. Santa's helpers will soon be baking scrumptious cookies and wrapping gifts. 

So, with my Santa hat on, and my oven sending out delicious sugary and spicy smells, I'd like to giveaway a few gifts myself in the “Holiday Spirit.”


1.    a picture book critique from my wonderful editor at Clearfork/Spork Publishing, Callie Metler-Smith. (must be less than 500 words).

2.    a signed copy of Rock Star Santa

3.    and a rhyming picture book critique by me. J

"But I’m not just pulling your name out of Santa’s hat.  No, no, no…you need to do a little something first in order to win….

Santa’s been performing his Christmas concert for years. He’s a rock star! But he’d only be singing Jingle Bells without his rockin’ reindeer band. This is your chance to tell us about those crazy reindeer.

Choose your favorite rockin’ reindeer and write a 4-8 line poem about him/her. 

Mrs. Claus will dye her hair red and green and rock out to the best poem.

Judging criteria:

1.   Kid appeal 
2.   Rollicking Reindeer Rhymes
3.    Must tell a story about the specific reindeer.

Entries should be in by DECEMBER 15th so Santa can send you the book before this year’s Christmas Eve Concert.

To enter:

1. please enter poem in comments below.

2. spread the word about Rock Star Santa's Giveaway on Social Media. (indicate which platform you used) Winner will be contacted by Direct Message)

3. sign up to follow The Storyteller's Scroll by email to get updates and information about new books coming from me and Clearfork/Spork Publishing.

Winners of the manuscript critiques from Callie Metler-Smith and myself can be sent after the holidays to give you time to polish them till they sparkle like snow crystals.
You have a whole month for rocking, rollicking fun.

Enjoy the rhymes and the Holidays!

Contest sponsored by: JINGLE BELL JAMS


  1. Hello, I spread the word on KidLit Latinx, and signed up to follow The Story Teller's Scroll. Here is my poem.

    Rudolph – By Veronica Jorge
    They call me Rudy, Santa’s buddy,
    With a red pug nose and a soft, furry body
    I light the sky up at night when Santa takes flight
    I’m fast and I’m swift to help Santa give out gifts
    So let your light shine through
    Be proud of special you
    Be like me, unique
    You’re a star on two feet!

    1. I like the positivity about uniqueness at the end!

    2. Thank you, Veronica. Rudy is truly unique as are so many children. Good luck! :)

    3. Thank you, Gayle. And thank you for your generosity in hosting this and offering your time and help.

    4. Hi Candice, Thanks for your comment. Liked your jazzy Dancer.

  2. This is so much fun! I signed up to follow & shared this on twitter and to my local writers' guild members page.

    Dancer Bop-Bops

    Listen! What's that sound?
    Dancer perks an ear, her eyes grow round.
    She can't help but prance her hoof
    to the snazzy, jazzy beats coming through the roof.

    Her antlers tap-tap, her tail skit-skits,
    if Santa can slide down the chimney, maybe SHE could fit?
    So with a whoosh and a WHEEEE
    Dancer joins in the jazzy jubilee!

    Thanks for holding this fun contest!

    1. Thank you, Candice. I can see Dancer swinging and swaying to the jazzy Christmas beat. Good luck! :)

    2. Hi Candice. Like your jazzy theme especially, "Her antlers tap-tap, her tail skit-skits."

  3. Snow is falling, Santa’s calling, “Hurry, time to go!”
    Elves are racing, reindeer pacing, digging hooves in snow.
    Sleigh bells dinging, choirs singing, as Santa waves goodbye.
    Rudolph’s flashing, reindeer dashing, high into the sky.
    Wind is blowing, Rudolph’s glowing, as he leads the sleigh.
    Starlight streaming, children dreaming, Santa’s on his way!
    Rudolph’s landing, quite outstanding, Santa gives a cheer.
    Reindeer twerking, Santa’s working, toys and teddy bears!
    Chimney hopping, there’s no stopping, look at Rudolph go!
    Day is breaking, Rudolph’s taking Santa home, “Ho! Ho!”

    I shared this blog on Facebook.
    Thanks for doing this.

  4. Debra, you certainly have a knack for internal rhyme. I can see this whole story play out. Good luck! :)

  5. I've shared your contest on twitter and signed up for blog!

    Bright Star Comet by Doreen Robinson

    Comet the Reindeer - as his name implies
    is out of this world - lighting up the skies.
    He loves to help Santa rock out on stage
    His feet move fast - he’s a dancing sage!
    Comet is bright and he knows he’s a star!
    He likes to sing back-up and play the guitar.
    He’s happy on stage, alongside reindeer friends
    Rockin’ out with Santa, the fun never ends!

  6. Wow! Rock on, Comet! You're out of this world. Thanks for participating, Desejrobinson. :) Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Gayle. This was so fun! I just adore Rock Star Santa! Happy Holidays!

  7. Thanks, Gayle. I needed something to get into the holiday mood, and writing this poem helped. This is a fun contest.

    1. I'm glad it has inspired you. Enjoy the holidays. :)

    By Dianne Moritz

    Dancer and Prancer, Santa’s twin boy reindeer,
    Were sick of flying the sleigh near the rear.

    Said Dancer to Prancer, “We must make it clear….
    We’d like the top spot on Christmas this year.”

    Said Prancer to Dancer, “You’re right brother, dear,
    If you’ll be the one to grab the man’s ear.”

    So Dancer told Santa they wanted to steer.
    “No way!” he shouted. “That’s Rudolph’s career!”

    1. Very clever, Diane. There'a always sibling rivalry during the holidays and you've captured it perfectly in Dancer and Prancer's dilemma. Thanks for entering the giveaway. Good luck and Happy Holidays! :)

    2. Hi Dianne, Very original; true and funny.

  9. Replies
    1. DANCER’S REQUEST (with new ending)
      By Dianne Moritz

      Dancer and Prancer, Santa’s twin boy reindeer,
      Were sick of flying the sleigh near the rear.

      Said Dancer to Prancer, “We must make it clear….
      We’d like the top spot on Christmas this year.”

      Said Prancer to Dancer, “You’re right brother, dear,
      If you’ll be the one to grab the man’s ear.”

      So Dancer told Santa. He was very sincere.
      “No way!” Santa shouted. “I need Rudolph to steer!”

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  11. Blitzen's Secret

    Rudolph has his reindeer games and Dasher leads the pack, but what about poor Blitzen who's always in the back?

    Blitzen has a secret that the others don't yet know: what he really wants to do all day is to rock and roll!

    When Christmas time is over and the sleigh goes in the shed, Blitzen likes to play his drums and even bang his head!

    But this year is the big year, the one where everyone will know, because after Christmas, he is planning a show!

    The elves, the reindeer, and Santa gather to watch Blitzen play with all his might, as he takes a bow and says, "To all, a good night!"

    I shared on Facebook and am so excited for the opportunity! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing gift and good luck to everyone who enters!

    1. Thank you, Jessica. Blitzen rocks on! Cute idea! Good luck. :)

    2. No thank you for the opportunity! This was fun and there are some great entries!

  12. Thanks for this opportunity! I shared your contest on FB and signed up to follow the blog. Here's my poem:

    I’m Dancer, not Prancer, I swing and I sway
    Providing the rhythm for Christmas day
    I floss with the boss, I am a hip-hopper,
    A reindeer bopper, a holiday rocker.

    I jingle and jangle, I roll and twist
    My North Pole cha-cha shouldn’t be missed.
    Up on the rooftop, the others pause,
    But I do a tap dance for Santa Claus.

  13. Hey, Louann, by Dancer's resume he should be the next star on Dancing With the Christmas Stars! :) Good luck with Dancer's Mambo Mixing Mash-up! :)

  14. Thanks for hosting such a fun contest!
    I followed the blog and tweeted about Rock Star Santa’s Giveaway (@AnneLipton).

    Peggy the Reindeer
    by Anne Lipton

    As Peggy the Reindeer flies at the back,
    the rest of the reindeer open her act.

    When they wrap their set, around the North Star,
    Peg puts on her shades and blasts her guitar.

    She’s rocking out in a sweet pair of wings,
    which free her high hooves to strum chords and strings.

    It's straight to the top for this tour bus,
    thanks to a reindeer who’s a pegasus!

  15. What an imagination. THis is really original. Imagine if Santa's sleigh was pulled by 8 mystical creatures instead of reindeer. What would Rudolph say? Good luck! :)

  16. Are these reindeer mentioned in your book? I am just wondering if this should be related to what you have already written or is it totally up to our imagination to take this rockin' reindeer anywhere we want to take him?

    Thank you!!

  17. No, Colleen. These little poems are are totally your interpretation of Santa's rowdy, rockin' reindeer band. I didn't want to sway your imagnation by conforming to my reindeer. :)

  18. This was so much fun! My formatting got a teensy bit jumbled in translation, as my last line spilled onto the next one when I pasted it here. So it looks like 9 lines, but was written as 8. I followed the blog and shared on Twitter (@KS_scribbles)

    Vixen's Off Season--by Katrina Swenson

    Yes, Vixen had a Christmas gig. It paid the bills, ya know?
    For that much pay she’d smile her way ‘cross rooftops in the snow.
    But while she zoomed from roof to roof, beneath the sparkling stars
    she dreamed of scales and ticket sales and strumming old guitars.
    When Santa let her off the clock, she traded bells and sleigh
    for microphones and dulcet tones and stages where she’d play
    her six-string underneath the lights, as fans filled up the floor.
    All year she strummed and crooned and hummed, ‘til Christmas
    came once more.

  19. Great! Vixen is going to give Rock Star Santa a run for his money. Good luck! :)

  20. No idea why my first post doesn't show up, but I'm trying again. In any case, this was a lot of fun Gayle! I'm leaving you with a little ditty/poem about Prancer. (P.S. I've shared on FB, signed up, and will tweet on Twitter). Thank you!


    Prancer had no rhythm, and he couldn’t keep a beat.
    Rocking round the Christmas tree would tangle up his feet.

    But Prancer was a loyal friend to Santa and the crew.
    He practiced dancing daily for the holiday revue.

    When the curtain lifted and the show was underway.
    He twirled and whirled, did flips and kicks and moved his hips a-sway.

    “Twas no surprise that Santa was impressed with Prancer’s speed.
    And promptly asked that he go first and take the Reindeer lead.

  21. SD Sutter, what a great little ditty! So glad you posted again. Good luck and thanks for participating.

  22. Signed up and tweeted! Thanks for this fun challenge, Gayle!

    DASHER'S DREAMS by David McMullin

    Dasher has dreams of her very own show
    with ten back-up elves and electrified snow.

    As garlands of jingle bells swing wide apart,
    she'll sled center stage so her concert can start.

    She imagines the roar as the crowd shouts, “Hurrah!”
    Yes, that is her wish, but there's one major flaw.

    Though stardom may be every crooners big dream,
    she'd miss being part of her deer little team.

    Happy holidays, everyone!

  23. Cute! Deer Little Team! Great imagery. Nice entry, David. Good Luck! :)

  24. I spread the word on Twitter (@MichelleSKenned) and signed up for email updates! Thank you for hosting this fun contest!!!

    Dasher was dashing. He dressed to the nines.
    He ate caviar and crumpets and sipped on fine wines.

    With his dapper good looks, he made the girls swoon.
    But when he opened his mouth- he couldn’t carry a tune!

    He tried to impress by playing guitar.
    But Santa said “No! I am the star!”

    Dasher got mad and ran out of sight.
    So Santa’s rock band rocked without him that night!

  25. Thanks for entering, Michelle. Dasher sounds like a mighty handsome deer dude. God luck! :)

    1. Thank you for challenging us to keep our creative juices flowing during the holiday season!

  26. I shared on FB ( and signed up with email.

    The True Story

    "Hoonnkk, sniff-sniff Achoo,
    whatever will I do?”
    poor Rudolph hangs his reindeer head
    "I’m sneezing and my nose is red.”

    Santa needs me to lead his sleigh,
    So he won’t miss the holiday.
    Wait a sec, my nose is bright,
    Tonight he’ll have a neon light.

    1. Robyn: Cute reason why poor Rudoplh's nose was bright red. Hope he doesn't spread his cold to the other eight reindeer? Coud you imagine if they all has red noses? Another nuggest for a new story. Good Luck! :)

  27. Dancer
    Sweet little Dancer’s one talented deer,
    She uses her flying skills throughout the year.
    When not helping Santa as one of his squad
    She’s out on the ice perfecting her quad!
    For she’s an ice dancer, a prancer, a flyer.
    When she leaps and she jumps, she’s really on fire.
    Her spins are fantastic, her footwork sublime.
    But she’s back at the sleigh, Christmas Eve right on time!

    I've posted on Facebook and Twitter.

    1. Nancy! I do believe you have the nugget of a really cute picture book here. Perfecting her quad, indeed! Maybe she can compete in th Winter Olympics? Good Luck! :)

    2. Thanks, Gayle, I'm so glad you like it. I'm an adult figure skater and this just flowed out of me!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Drummer for Hire

    Dear Santa, once you’ve listened to this rockin’ beat of mine
    I know you’ll want to add me to your reindeer cast of nine.
    From the downbeat to the finish with the sticks between my toes
    I’m jammin’ out a solo or I’m compin’ with the pros.
    As if my talent’s not enough to add me to your gig,
    on Christmas Eve my flying skills can help to pull your rig.
    With the send-off set completed, on a clear or foggy night
    you can put me in a harness and I’ll hitch to Rudolph’s right.

    1. Nice meter, Colleen. I'm glad you returned to post an entry. Drummer Deer - cute idea. :) Good luck!

  30. Hi! I posted the contest on Facebook and signed up to follow The Storyteller's Scroll. Thanks for this creative challenge!

    Classical Cupid
    By Nannette Brophy Major

    The Santa Reindeer Band played rock and roll,
    But Cupid had a secret classical soul.

    So bravely one night he brought to a gig
    A new electric harp – and, boy, was it big!

    He lowered his head and began to pluck,
    But pointy antlers tangled with strings and stuck!

    Since every reindeers’ head requires a rack
    A wiser Cupid asked for his guitar back.

    1. Nanette: A classical reminder in a rowdy, rockin' band is quite original. Nice idea. Thanks for entering. Good Luck!

  31. Contest tweeted via JoyceSchr 11/18


    Up on the rooftop, reindeers pause.
    They’re patiently waiting for Dasher because,
    He’s lighting eight candles to mark the last night
    Of Chanukah wonder before he takes flight.

    Yes, Dasher P. Greenberg is Jewish, which means
    He doesn’t do Christmas or keep its routines.
    But on Christmas Eve, when the sleigh leaves each home,
    He calls, “Happy Christmas and to all a SHALOM!”

  32. Dasher P. Greenberg? I love it! I asked for original and why not a Jewish reindeer? Thanks for such an original entry. Good luck! :)


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