Monday, January 4, 2016

Review of Hattie on Her Way by Clara Gillow Clark


I'm starting 2016 off with a review of a wonderful Middle Grade Historical Fiction novel titled, Hattie on Her Way by Clara Gillow Clark.

Eleven-Year-Old Hattie Basket longs to return to her home on the upper Delaware River, where she, her pa and her best friend raft the rapids. But with her ma recently passed on, her pa takes her to her grandmother's house at Kingston-on-the-Hudson.

Different river--different life--and one Hattie does not want any part of, until she discovers the soft side of her grandmother, the mystery that surrounds her old mansion, and the human bones she finds in the vegetable garden.

Clara Gillow Clark has an easy storytelling style that keeps the reader invested in Hattie's plight. The strong hawk, who survives peril with watchful eyes and strong heart is a perfect metaphor for Hattie and Gillow Clark skillfully weaves the hawk throughout her story.

If you like historical fiction told with the strong voice of a 19th century country girl, Hattie on Her Way is for you.

It's the second book in a series of three. Hill Hawk Hattie is the 1st book and The Secrets of Greymoor is the third.

You can find all of Clara Gillow Clark's books on  and Barnes and

If readers would like an autographed copy of any of the Hattie books, they can send an e-mail directly to Clara. claragillowclark(at)gmail(dot)com

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