Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Tis the ghostly season...
A spooktacular reason
for a contest of rhyme
about Halloween time!

Come join the rhyming contest about Halloween. Take a look a the spooky prompt and create a Halloween poem suitable for children. Winner gets a free "Red Eye" critique from "First Peek Critique" services for a rhyming picture book on any topic.

Contest runs from October 13 - October 27.

Winner will be announced on H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N!


  1. Hi, Gail. You know I can't resist a fun contest like this. Happy Halloween!

    Season of the Witch

    My black cat hisses at the sky
    as ghostly clouds of mist roll in.
    It's time at last! I grab my broom
    and off I fly to meet my kin.

  2. Thanks for hosting this fun contest, Gail!

    Gisele :)

    Here's my entry:


    Creeping mist swirls through air
    Night transforms into its lair
    Creatures howl in pure delight--
    Do you dare go out tonight?

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  4. Thanks for stopping by Diana, Gisele and Stella. It's fun taking a crack at Halloween rhyme.

    Talk to you soon.


  5. This is an entry from Susan A. She can't access her account so she emailed her poem to me.

    On Halloween, they ring my bell
    "Trick or Treat" I hear them yell
    A smile spreads across my face
    My anxious heart begins to race
    I tiptoe fast across the floor
    Then turn the handle of my door
    "Come in," I say. "For your surprise"...
    (I am a witch in human disguise!)

  6. Vanished

    The chilly autumn breeze
    whistles through the gnarly trees
    as a misty fog hangs in the air.

    Costumed children walk the streets
    seeking tricks and tasty treats.
    They see the witch’s house. Do they dare?

    She stands on her front porch
    holding up a flaming torch
    as she greets the children with an eerie grin.

    Then a skeleton appears
    with a top hat and big ears.
    Holding candy in a bowl of dented tin.

    The children snatch a tasty treat
    then quickly run injto to the street
    as they peek back at the uncanny pair.

    The porch is black and dark.
    From the torch there is no spark
    And the house is swallowed by the misty air.

  7. On Halloween Night
    By Charline Profiri

    Sky is dreary.
    Night is eerie.
    Witch is weary.
    Ghost is leery.
    It's Halloween, Deary!

  8. More great Halloween treats. Thanks for stopping by Susan, Russ and Charline.

    Only two more days to go!



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