Friday, January 8, 2010

Starting the New Year with a Bang!

This year I am determined to get another book published, but this time it will be one of my novels. I've just spent that last six months revising my YA dystopian. It's done and it's ready to find a home. So what better way to start looking for one than by seeking representation?

That is my goal for 2010. Earnestly looking for an agent. Will keep you posted on how my search goes.

If you're interested in searching for agents try looking at Agent, Query, The Guide to Literary Agents Blog, or the Verla Kay website.

Great resources.

Happy New Year!


Fall Frenzy Writing Contest 2020

 I entered this last year and it was a great writing experience. This year’s rules: 1. Choose a fall image from Lydia Lukidis’s blog