Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ROCK STAR SANTA "Give Away" Just in Time for Christmas!

Well, here it is December 1st already and my 100th post has arrived with a special treat. Christmas is right around the corner and I’m giving away a signed copy of ROCK STAR SANTA on The Storyteller’s Scroll. Many fans have contacted me about how to get a copy and this “GIVE AWAY” is one sure way to get it for your favorite child or for yourself.....

All you have to do is to be eligible is:

  1. post a comment about “what you love most” about the Christmas holiday.

  1. become a follower of The Storyteller’s Scroll

It’s that simple. Then will select a winner. You have two weeks to post a comment and the drawing will take place on December 15th, so I can send the book to the winner in time for Christmas.

If you haven’t already read the book, here is a tease –

It’s Christmas Eve. The tree is lit and children await Santa’s arrival, only they’re not tucked snuggly in their beds dreaming of sugarplums. They’re stomping and clapping at a Christmas rock concert where Santa is the “star.” Santa’s snow-white hair is in a ponytail and he’s ready to rock. The rowdy reindeer band includes Donner on electric bass, eerily resembling Keith Richard. Blitzen has a Paul Stanley-like star painted on his eye as he plays the drums, and you can’t help but notice the resemblance of Comet to Slash, as he shoots across the stage.

But Santa is “THE MAN.” He takes the stage, ready to sing and the lights suddenly go out. The child wakes to find himself in bed. He thinks he dreamt the awesome concert until Christmas morning when he finds a torn concert ticket in his jeans.  Confused, he stares at a silver snowflake, like the kind that covered the concert stage, flittering outside of his bedroom window. A note from Santa thanking the boy for being his biggest fan hangs on his window and green sequins from Santa’s vest glimmers on the boy’s floor. ROCK STAR SANTA is an original, modern day retelling of a Christmas classic, but what happens on this night before Christmas is rockin’.

I’ll start the Christmas ball rolling. What I love most about Christmas is –

The smells of the season!

·      The balsam tree that sends off a fragrance when the lights are on.
·       The molasses crinkle cookies and spice breads baking in the oven.
·      The cinnamon candles burning on the mantle and dining room table.
·      The logs burning in the fireplace.
·      And of course, the Christmas dinner.

If you'd like to get ROCK STAR SANTA as a Christmas present, you can email me for more information at

“ROCK ON!” blog readers! Rock Star Santa loves you <3


  1. I love the fun and festivity that leads up to Christmas. Walking with my daughter hand-in-hand along the decorated streets of New York City, Christmas shopping & wrapping, building Gingerbread houses from scratch, watching the surprise on her face when the doorbell rings and there is a package with a note from Santa (an ornament for the tree), baking Christmas cookies, caroling, Christmas trivia games, Christmas movies, our special family advent celebration where we also celebrate our family we play board games together. Happy Holidays, everyone!

  2. Thanks Lynne.

    Such great traditions. I'm sure they'll stay with Kayla for the rest of her life and she too, will pass them on to her children.

    Merry Christmas and good luck. Maybe this year when the doorbell rings a copy of ROCK STAR SANTA will be waiting for her. :)

  3. I'd love a copy of ROCK STAR SANTA! What I like best about Christmas is the spirit of the season, the look of wonder in the eyes of little kids, the carols, the rereading of classic Christmas Tales and giving gifts to the ones I love.

  4. Thanks Clara.

    Maybe someday Rock Star Santa will work its way into being a classic Christmas tale. :)

    Good luck to you. Keep the spirits bright!

  5. What I love about Christmas is...

    The Christmas lights and Christmas trees,
    Miracle on 34th Street and the Frosty cartoon,
    The scent of pine and baking cookies,
    The crackling fire and Christmas tunes,
    The tearing of paper and joyous screams,
    But most of all,
    Recalling my own memories of childhood.

  6. Great memories, Bill. You can't beat a crackling fire, a nice hot chocolate or egg nog and freshly baked Christmas cookies while the old Christmas carols play.

    Thanks for following my blog. Good luck to you. I know your kids would love Rock Star Santa.

  7. Hmmm, what I love most about Christmas is...

    making fudge and Christmas cookies, listening to Christmas carols (especially those sung by carolers), seeing my children's faces light up as they open their presents on Christmas morning, the scent of Christmas candles burning throughout the house, watching my favorite childhood Christmas specials (especially "A Charlie Brown Christmas"), and the way the Christmas tree looks when we turn off all the lights in the house. This truly is a magical time of year!

  8. Hi Laura:

    Mmmm. Fudge cookies!!! My husband makes chocolate crinkles. Do they count? Yes, I too love the sparkly-lit Christmas tree when the rest of the room is dark. It is magical.

    Your name is in. Good luck in the drawing. Maybe ROCK STAR SANTA will be one of those presents under the tree Christmas morning. :)

  9. I'll play! I'd love a copy of ROCK STAR SANTA. :)

    I love so much about Christmas--houses lit with thousands of lights, hot chocolate, Christmas carols on the radio, decorating gingerbread houses, my kids trying to find our "Elf on the Shelf" each day of the holiday season, Christmas Eve, homemade caramels, Ruby Slipper Cake, and molasses cookies...

    But what I love most is seeing (and hearing about) communities, families, neighborhoods, celebrities, etc., look beyond themselves and reach out to others. Acts of service abound this time of year more than all of the other 11 months combined, and that goodness is pretty thick in the air--what I would call the "spirit of the season." The best of humanity is center stage at Christmas!

  10. Jen:

    Homemade caramels.........oooo that sounds srumptious. And your definitely right about the "spirit of the season."

    Good luck with the contest. Hope ROCK STAR SANTA finds a place right next to Elf on the Shelf for your kids. :)

  11. I agree with everything posted already, but I have to say I love Christmas most for what it represents, historically. All those things we enjoy, all those blessings we receive - they're all because of that little baby Jesus born so long ago. I celebrate Christmas as a birthday, and it reminds me of the BIG picture. God bless everyone this Christmas!!

  12. Thanks for entering Susie. Happy CHRISTmas Birthday! :)

  13. I would like to play, too! What I love best about Christmas is just about everything. My sister says that I would decorate and celebrate year- round if my family would allow it. But, I do love most the kindess in the air as viable as the chill, seeing new lights up in the neighborhood each night and slowing down with the little ones to enjoy every detail, watching the count-down by the fireplace move ever closer, seeing the little ones write their Santa letters and put their personal notes by the fireplace on Christmas Eve, gingerbread cookies, gingerbread pancakes and gingerbread-shaped pancakes, eggnog, chocolate eggnog, visiting Santa with the little ones, listening to the "where is he flying now" report on the radio on Christmas Eve, the holiday picture books that come out, the holiday specials, even the holiday commercials...snow, snow, snow, and, the baby in the manger which reminds me daily of the miraculous possibilities all around us.

  14. Yay! Michele. I think you've covered it all. I love chocolate eggnog and have a great recipe, complete with chocolate shavings on top of chocolate whipped cream floating on the top of the punch bowl.

    Hopefully, ROCK STAR SANTA will be one of those Christmas picture books your kids will love. So you're in, too!:)

  15. What I love most about Christmas is going around carolling. I go with a bunch of musicians I sing with at The Blueberry Patch in a small town called Gulfport, FL. Some people don't like us singing but most do - especially some older people, couples or older folks who may be living alone. You can see the appreciation in their eyes. It's very rewarding.

  16. I love the way my daughter is a little extra excited all month long, I love the moment the kids see the presents under the tree, I love the smell of pine, I love the feeling of Christmas spirit that seems to hang in the air, I love watching "A Christmas Story" for the millionth time.

  17. Bev:

    I used to go Christmas caroling when I was a kid. It was pretty cool to serenade the old folks while the snowflakes fell around us. Each of us would "adopt" a senior citizen in the neighborhood who had no family in the area. After we'd sing to them the child would give them their special Christmas present. And then after, we went o someone's house for hot chocolate and cookies.

    Good luck in the ROCK STAR SANTA drawing. :)

    Too bad kids can't do that again.

  18. Ohhh, I'd so love a copy of your book, Gail!

    What I love most about Christmas is the spirit of giving and making others happy. This morning I ran a Toys For Tots race and the only thing I regret is that I won't be there to watch a child unwrap my gift.

    Thanks for your generous offer.

  19. Diana:

    Christmas does have a special smell. Pine or balsam, either smells wonderful.

    Maybe ROCK STAR SANTA will find his way underneath your tree this year. :)

    Thanks for entering.

  20. Stella:

    Toys for Tots is a great holiday community service. When I taught my Future Educators of America group sponsored a Toys for Tots drive. High school kids were unbelievably generous.

    Good Luck to you Stella.

  21. Your book does look rockin'!
    There are so many wonderful parts of Christmas, but my favorite is the anticipation of my kids. I love when they wake me up Christmas morning and can't wait to go downstairs to see what is under the tree. I also love the extra time with my family.

  22. Thanks Kelly. I used to stretch myself halfway down the stairs to see how many toys and gifts I could see and then I'd report back to my sisters. I agree, a child's anticipation is a great part of Christmas.

    Maybe this year ROCK STAR SANTA will be one of those gifts under the tree.

    Good luck.



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