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Eighteen months ago I held the first FRACTURED FAIRY TALE CONTEST. We had multiple entries and a lot of fun. SO... I'd like to repeat the contest this year.

Here are the simple rules:

Write a rhyming poem suitable for children to read of no more than 12 lines about two Fairy Tale characters that would never have met. See example below:

Bewildering Snows
by Gayle C. Krause

Everyone knows the Snow Queen was mean,

the evilest sorceress you've ever seen.

She’d fallen asleep in her cradle of ice

when the kiss of a prince woke her up in a trice.

Her eyes flashed open. She narrowed her sight.

She gave the prince a terrible fright.

"Excuse me, my Queen. It seems I now know

in my confusion I've found the wrong Snow.

Your lips are so cold. This couldn't be right.

Please forgive my mistake for you're not Snow White.

Enter as many times as you wish by posting your poem in the comment section.

The winner will be announced on March 1st.

First PrizeAn autographed copy of Rock Star Santa, and a rhyming picture book critique by “First Peek Critique Services.”

Second Prizea rhyming picture book critique by “First Peek Critique Services.

Good Luck!


  1. Wish I had a rhyming bone, but I don't. Our friend, Pat Thomas is the one who needs to see this! Fun fractured poem, Gayle!

  2. Thanks Clara.

    I'll email her. Maybe she'll want to try her hand at it. :)

  3. The Emperor’s New Kingdom

    by Ellen Feldman

    The day Jack scampered down from his beanstalk high,
    a sight never seen lay before his eye.

    For climbing his beanstalk as fast as light,
    was a man without clothes nearly shaking with fright.

    “Turn back,” shouted Jack “I must chop this down!
    Or a mean old giant will be coming to town!”

    Cried the man without a suit, “I command you to wait!
    I will go to the top and start a fresh slate!

    For in my kingdom below, the townspeople there
    Have seen me “bare” more than I care to share!”

  4. Thanks for entering, Ellen. Great poem. Good luck! :)

  5. Goldilocks Saves the Day

    Well, hi! My name is Goldilocks. I love your bright red coat.

    What’s that? Oh, it’s a riding hood? I’ll make a mental note.

    “Let’s walk together, you and I. I’m going to the Bears’.

    I like to eat their porridge up, and sit in all their chairs.

    You’re going to your grandmother’s? Hey, maybe I’ll come, too.

    The Bears are getting boring, ’cause there’s not that much to do.

    I’ll help you with your basket. I can carry it part way.

    And when we reach your Grandma’s house, I’d love to stay and play ….

    Who’s that? Why, it’s a stranger, and his teeth are awful scary.

    We ought to get away from him--he’s big, and mean, and hairy.

    Oh, look--we’ve reached the Bears’! Let’s
    stop and visit for a spell.

    And you should warn your grandma, too. Here--call her on my cell.

  6. Ruth,

    Good one. Outstanding. Thanks for participating. Good Luck! :)

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  8. Unlucky Little Pig

    by Margaret Greanias

    “Help me! Help me! A wolf has come to town!
    He huffed and puffed, and he blew my house down!

    I ran away fast. He's not far behind.
    Please open up. I don't want to get dined.”

    The little pig pounded on a gingerbread door,
    Trimmed with marshmallows, icing, and candies galore.

    His squeals fell upon the ears of a witch,
    Whose mouth began to water and tongue began to twitch.

    “A plump little pig! What a savory surprise!”
    A hundred steaming dishes lit up the witch’s eyes.

    “Come in,” said the witch, with peculiar cheer.
    “Climb into my oven. I’ll help you disappear.”

  9. Kathleen:

    Wonderful poem. Thanks for entering the contest. Good luck! :)

  10. Margaret:

    What a great idea. Thanks for entering the contest. Good Luck! :)

  11. Hi Gayle,
    I'm posting again because for some reason, the spacing didn't work out last time and I ended up with one too many lines. Plus, I changed the last line. :) You can delete my other one. Thanks!

    "Goldie and the Ginger Man"
    by Kathy Murphy

    The gingerbread man really needed to hide.
    He spotted the cottage and wandered inside.

    "This porridge is yummy!" the ginger man said.
    He finished it off and then headed to bed.

    With dreams of escaping, he fell fast asleep.
    Then Goldie crept in without making a peep.

    She saw the bowls empty, now what would she eat?
    Her tummy was hungry, she searced for a treat.

    She found Ginger Man fast asleep in the bed.
    She pulled off the covers and reached for his head.

    With a wiggle and jiggle,he had spoiled her plan
    "Better stick with the porridge!" laughed Gingerbread Man.

  12. You've tickled my funnybone, Gayle, so here's my attempt:

    "Three Little Pigs and a Case of Mistaken Identity"
    by Ken Howe

    Three little pigs who hailed from East Macon
    (Do you see where I’m going with this?)
    Met a sleeping man and thought he was fakin’.
    A memory stirred, so they gave him a kiss,
    But the snoring man did not awaken.

    Now everyone knows that a smooch has a duty
    To waken a charmed sleeping beauty.
    And the pigs should have known
    From the man’s pallid skin tone
    That the last thing he was was a cutie.

    So departed those pigs from East Macon
    While Rip went on dreaming of bacon.

  13. Very funny, Ken. You've tickled everyone's funny bone. Thanks for entering. Good Luck! :)

  14. Here's my take on a story in a bit of a rapping rhyme...

    Three blind mice went on a singing tour
    To make some money to pay for a cure
    A cornea implant would do the trick
    They’d no longer need a walking stick

    They got together with a gingerbread man
    He told them that he had the right plan
    They’d be rich with lots of money
    Every day would be rosy and sunny

    They signed over their songs to the g-man
    Then off he drove in his luxury sedan
    The mice continued to be blind and poor
    But the gingerbread man lived in grandeur

  15. By the way where did you find the SCBWI banner for your site? I'd love to include one on my blog.

  16. Chris:

    That rhyme's got A-TI-TUDE!

    So glad you entered. Good luck! :)

    PS. I don't remember where I got the SCBWI logo, but I think you can copy it off of my blog. Just drag it onto your desktop, then add it to your design layout as a photo.

    I think!

  17. Here's my best shot : ) Love this contest idea!


    The shoemaker worked night and day, for the princess needed new shoes.
    But each pair he fashioned came out all wrong and he did not know what to do.

    The clock chimed hour after hour, until midnight when the shoemaker said,
    “I’ve worked long enough in my shoe shop tonight, and now I’m going to bed!”

    The elves danced a jig, they readied to work. Then, they stumbled in shock.
    No leather shoes to be stitched up tonight, but instead, a new kind of stock.

    A shining slipper lay in paper, lovingly cradled just so.
    It lacked certain luster; the glimmer was off. The Elves would give it a go.

    When the sun peeked out the next morning, the shoemaker rubbed his eyes.
    A glittering, shimmering glass slipper was such a delightful surprise.

    At 12 o’clock a carriage rolled up, pulling a royal fella.
    The prince helped his princess inside, and the shoemaker met Cinderella!

  18. Katie:

    So glad you like this contest. I love it! Happy to see so many entrants.

    The Shoemaker's Task is excellent. What rollicking fun.

    Good luck! :)

  19. Thanks for hosting this contest! Fun stuff! Here’s my go:


    When Jack received three beans that day, his mother thought they wouldn’t pay.
    Despite the fact she cursed them all, three beanstalks sprouted, strong and tall.

    Jack climbed the first with skillful ease; the second, too, beyond the trees.
    The third tall stalk grew toward the west. This stalk’s the one that Jack liked best,

    For, from the top, Jack had a view of beauty, unforeseen and true.
    Jack climbed that beanstalk. Up he’d sneak. Through tower window, Jack would peek.

    Her golden tresses mesmerized. She must be single, Jack surmised.
    Perhaps, in time, she’ll marry me. I’ll watch from here, and wait and see.

    Jack pined away, unnoticed there, while fair Rapunzel groomed her hair.
    He couldn’t leave, nor look away…and that is how, one fateful day

    Poor Jack became a shameful gawker.
    Now he is Rapunzel’s stalker.

  20. formatting is all messed up in my post. It used to a 12-line poem, with some italicized lines, too. Oh, well...

  21. Buglady5

    This is GREAT! I had a good chuckle on this one. Glad you like the contest. It's so much fun for everyone, rhymers and readers.

    Good luck! :)

  22. Couldn't resist had to do one more...Looks like your comment lines are short, so my lines are askew in the last stanza

    The Unlost Sheep

    Li’l BoBeep was still fast asleep
    Cause she partied too late at Castle Keep
    When she awoke she nearly had a stroke
    Her sheep were missing, it was no joke

    Through her crystal ball she found a P.I.
    Puss-in-Boots sounded like a good guy
    Pretty soon they received a ransom note
    Drop a million bucks in the castle moat

    Puss was shocked by who picked up the dough
    It was Bo Beep’s sheep by the name of Jojo
    The sheep were bored by the same meadow each day
    They wanted the funds for a great getaway!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Fun idea! I'm having trouble with the spacing, but here it goes:

    Red Riding Hood walked through the wood, bearing a supply
    Of healthy, fresh, organic snacks for grandmother to try.

    But she forgot her GPS and chose the wrong direction.
    And came instead upon an architectural confection.

    “Good day, my dear,” the owner said (a toothless, green-skinned hag),
    “Dig right in, or step inside and get a goodie bag.”

    “No thanks!” said Red. “Just see what all that sugar’s done to you.”
    And leaving her some carrot sticks she bid the witch “Adieu!”

  25. The Wolf and the Genie

    The hungry Wolf lied in wait,
    For food that lie in the house with the gate.

    “A grandmother ought to be nice on a plate,”
    With an evil grin, this he did state.

    But something glimmering caught his eye,
    For on the grass a lamp did lie.

    “What is this?” the Wolf asked amazed,
    And snatched it up, slightly crazed.

    The Wolf did rub its golden surface,
    And a genie popped out with an important purpose.

    “What do you wish, Master?” the genie inquired,
    “Some fish might be nice, but lamb is required.”

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