Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Fun Poem for Poetry Month

April is designated "Poetry Month" and before it gets away on me I wanted to post a fun poem. Hope you like it.

Happy rhyming!


Colleen, the Color Queen 
By Gayle C. Krause
Colleen, the Color Queen
I come from a big family
with brothers wide and tall.
And I’m the youngest child.
I’m smaller than them all.

Each brother has a talent
in music, math, or sport.
But when it comes to clothes
they wear the ordinary sort.

I want to be different
so everyone can see
that I’m not like my brothers.
I’m the one and only me.

When I go to school each day
I look like a crayon box,
with lots of crazy colors
from my hat down to my socks.

Purple hair.
Orange shoes.
Any color dress I choose.

Teal blue socks.
Fuchsia bow.
Crazy colors head to toe.

Yellow boa.
Violet vest.
Red bead necklace
down my chest.

Bright blue purse.
Green striped tights.
Mixed up clothes
are my delights.

High top sneaks
with big black dots.
with turquoise spots.

My brothers laugh
when I get dressed.
But I know that
my clothes are best.

A painter’s palette
when I’m seen.
I’m Colleen
the Color Queen.


  1. What a fun poem, Gayle! I love your painter's palette and Colleen the Color Queen! Happy National Poetry Month!


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