Friday, August 31, 2012

A Mini Fairy Tale

The Prince's Promise
by Gayle C. Krause

Ciao, bella. I must leave you
I can’t reach you in your tower.
The raven stole the magic key.
Without it, I’ve no power.

Keep my roses near your heart
until you hear that I return.
For now, I must depart
or surely I will burn.

Do not forsake amore`, dear.
Your family does its best
to place before me daring traps.
They’ve put me to a test.

Your mighty wizard father
keeps his watch from yonder knoll,
and your dragon master brother
has the fire beast’s control.

He’s opened up a chasm
with his flaming, fiery breath
in hopes that I shall jump it
and fall, untimely, to my death.

While I’m gone, look to the cook.
She will lend support
for her first and only loyalty
lies within my court.

When I leave, the fox will take
this matter to the glen
and outsmart the clever raven
in a clash of wits, and then

I shall return with the key
to claim you as my love.
I’ll free you from your prison
where you sit so high above.

Listen for my whistle.
Keep your open eyes aware,
for your family all will shout
Do you see that rogue prince, there?”

But it will not be me.
The fox will cause the ruse,
and we’ll escape to live
the life of freedom that we choose.

Ciao, bella, I must leave you
as you cry high in your tower,
but know I shall return 
in the day's final hour.”

This great writing contest is sponsored by Susanna Leonard Hill. Check out her blog for details.


  1. This is absolutely amazing! Wondeful job!

  2. WOW! Gayle! This is amazing! I didn't even know you were aware of the contest and I'm SO glad you entered! What a clever story, and all in rhyme! You and Penny are giving each other a run for your money :) Thanks so much for joining the fun! :)

  3. O, wow, this is an epic love poem! And I especially love your fox and raven verse.

  4. Gayle, this is a beautiful poem and love story. Also very clever. Fantastic entry.

  5. Thanks so much, everyone. I love to write story poems and turn them into picture books if I can.

    Loved this contest, Susanna. Thanks for having it.


  6. Beautifully done, something I would read again and again. Great entry Gayle.

  7. Goodness, what imagination. I can now see that story in the illustration, but before, no. Lovely writing. A romantic PB for the YA crowd.

  8. lovely to connect with you via Susanna's awesome contest!
    I love your story...yes, it does remind me of the old ballads.
    Poor princess...she has to wait until the final hour...will that be the sequel to the story? :)

  9. Sure. A sequel sounds grand!

    Maybe we should continue this in another contest.

    Thanks for your comments.

  10. Beautifully done! And as I live in Italy, I particularly appreciate that this is an Italian prince and princess :) Ah, l'amore!

  11. goal is to write in rhyme LIKE THIS! Beautiful!

  12. Thank you, Renee and Kim.

    Renee, I've always thought the Italian language to be the language of love and ciao just came to me for this story and they became an Italian Prince & Princess. :) Could help that I am Italian, too.

    Kim, thanks you for the wonderful compliment.

  13. This is so sweet!
    And what a rhyme...nice work.

  14. What a lovely introduction to your blog. I think you hit on every element of the picture in the story!

  15. Thanks Lauri. I tried to do just that. :) So glad you found my blog. :)


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