Wednesday, October 31, 2012

‘Tis the giving season! And Rock Star Santa has checked his list twice. He knows many new authors out there are just wishing for a publishing contract for their first picture book, so he’s decided to give back double fold.

Rock Star Santa has teamed up with

1.     The Christmas Tree Santas of Newburyport, Massachusetts, to insure that underprivileged children get Christmas trees for their homes.

2.     And First Peek Critique, to insure that aspiring picture book authors can have a full critique of their manuscript as a Christmas present.

How can you participate in this generous gift-giving?


1.     Contribute at least $10.00 to Christmas Tree Santas at     

2.     Become a follower of The Storyteller’s Scroll (on your right of this blog post there is an email choice) and comment below with your name and the title of your picture book, then

3.     Submit your picture book manuscript of no more than 750 words to

krause house books (all one word) at by November 5th.

The Christmas Tree Santas will inform Rock Star Santa who has contributed by way of Paypal and those manuscripts will receive a full critique from First PJJk Critique services (valued at $70.00)

If you are writing a novel you may submit your first two pages for a line edit.

****All participants will be eligible for a signed copy of ROCK STAR SANTA. Winner will be selected by and announced on December 18th.

So start submitting tomorrow, November 1st until December 17th.

So are we ready to make everyone’s Christmas a rockin’ merry one?


  1. What a great idea and opportunity.
    My picture book is "Sunday Spaghetti Sundae"

    Donna Smith

  2. Thanks for supporting Christmas Tree Santas, Donna. I've received your manuscript and you should be getting your full critique by today. Merry Christmas! :)

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