Thursday, March 28, 2013

Poetry Contest at The Storyteller's Scroll

 As you know, I participated for the first time in the March Madness Poetry Tournament. Even though I was eliminated in the first round, it was great fun. On the tales of the tournament comes Poetry Month.

In honor of Poetry Month the Storyteller’s Scroll would like to sponsor a funpoetry contest for children.  Write a funny poem about the attached picture. Yes, that’s me next to the giant saguaro cactus. Please don’t write a funny poem about me, although I won’t be offended if you do, J as long as it is in good taste, and suitable for children to read.

Winner will receive a gift certificate for to purchase for the poetry book of your choice.

Here is my poem:

King of the Desert
By Gayle C. Krause

Old man saguaro grows very high—
pointing prickly arms to the desert sky.
Hugging the sun.
Hoarding the rain.
Sheltering animals in his desert domain.

Old man saguaro lives two hundred years.
He proudly stands tall in southwest frontiers.
Nest for the woodpecker
Food for the rat
Nectar for bees and the Long-Nosed Bat.

Please leave your poem in the comments below before April 20th, and will pick the winner on April 25th.

Good luck.



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  2. Laura:

    Thanks for entering the contest, but I don't quite understand. Is this about a girl who was in love with a saguaro cactus?

    Above requirement:

    Write a funny poem about the attached picture, as long as it is in good taste, and suitable for children to read.

    Free verse is fine, but I don't think this quite fits the criteria. Could you please rework it?

  3. Hi - This is a YA poem that came to mind reflecting about a "prickly relationship" I had with a friend in my teen years. I wrote it in response to a morning writing prompt last week. It seems to connect for me with the cactus. If that works for you. Otherwise, enjoy the poem!

  4. Okay, I wasn't quite sure what the connection was. Maybe the title should be "A Prickly Situation." :)

  5. Desert Giants
    Caszia Thompson

    Giants in the sky
    have rivals down below
    that shelter Gila Woodpeckers
    and pack rats in a row.

    The lofty saguaro
    stands fifty feet tall
    and offers nectar and water
    to creatures large and small.

  6. I enjoyed reading your poem and reflecting on my own memories of these desert giants. I'd like to take on your challenge and write my own poem, but I'm not sure I'm qualified for this "contest for children." Did you mean that the entrants for this contest should be writers who are children or adult writers of children's poetry?

  7. Sorry for the confusion, Michelle.

    ADULTS who write for children.

    The poem must be suitable for children to read. All of my contests and poems relate to children, but are written by adults like yourself.

    Thanks for reaching out for an explanation. I guess I should have made it clearer. :)

    Good luck!

  8. Mighty Saguaro

    Mighty saguaro!
    Defender of calm—
    woodpecker’s beat and coyote’s song.

    Giant saguaro!
    Sixty feet tall—
    proud desert hero, protector of all.

    Fearless saguaro!
    Silent, yet strong—
    arms poised for action should something go wrong.

    Noble saguaro!
    Imposing you stand—
    benevolent king throughout the land.

    © 2013 Michelle Heidenrich Barnes, all rights reserved.

  9. Thanks for entering, Michelle. Love the repetitive first line with the ultimate adjectives. Nice job! :)

    1. Thanks Gayle, is it okay if I link to your contest on my blog?

  10. Absolutely. Maybe some of your readers will join in the fun. :)


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