Tuesday, April 28, 2015

All Aboard the Rhyming Circus Train

The Circus Train gives quite a ride.
It takes the child right inside
the circus tent, with lights aglow.
Get ready for “The Greatest Show.”

Like elephants that love to dance,
and fancy horses in a prance.
Dogs on balls. A tightrope girl.
Acrobats that spin and twirl.

Trapeze ladies flying high.
Clowns with faces full of pie.
Done in simple perfect rhymes
It will be read a thousand times.

Once you board the Circus Train
You’ll love to ride it all again.

Circus Train is a wonderful book for children, parents, and Pre-K teachers. Jennifer Cole Judd’s simple rhyming text is a treat for children’s ears and the story is a great introduction to young readers of the fun and stimulation of a circus. Parents reading to their child will have many discussions about the characters found in the colorful illustrations. And Pre-K Directors could most definitely incorporate it into other curriculum lessons like math, science and social studies. Great job, Ms. Judd. Looking forward to more.


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