Friday, September 25, 2015

The "Witching Time" is fast approaching and with it a new interview with a little witch named Delia.

On October 1st, The Storyteller's Scroll will be interviewing Delia Witch and her creator Rebecca Colby.

And on October 8th we will continue the Storyteller's Scroll tradition of featuring the Annual Halloween Poetry Contest.  (Poems must be suitable for children).

It will run from October 8th to the 15th and the themes will be……….Witches, of course! You may write your own variation of Delia's Witch Parade or an original witch poem for children. And what do you win?

Well, you won't be locked in a cage to be fattened up for Halloween dinner…

And you won't be winning any poison apples…

But you will get a chance to win a signed copy of Rebecca Colby's, It's Raining Bats and Frogs.

So put your witch hats on, grab your brooms, and get ready for a witchy treat! 

First, Delia and Rebecca, and then your "Witchy" poems for Halloween.

Here is an example of mine.

Do You See a Witch?
By Gayle C. Krause

Be she a witch of beauty?
…or does she wear the face of hags?

Does she dress in sparkly gowns?
…or black and tattered rags?

Does she hold her magic
in a fancy-feathered frond?

…or does she use a gnarled stick
for her magic wand?

Is she the wicked type?
…or does she hail from good?

Keep your eyes open, child!
She's in your neighborhood!

@Gayle C. Krause 2015

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