Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rhyming Review of Green Bean! Green Bean! and Signed Picture Book Giveaway

Ms. Thomas' rhyme has stood the test of time from STAND BACK SAID THE ELEPHANT I'M GOING TO SNEEZE, (1971) which is still in print, to her latest, GREEN BEAN! GREEN BEAN!

By Patricia Thomas

Ms. Thomas’ poetry, clever and clean,
brings us the life cycle of a green bean.

She starts with a seed that grows to a shoot and also discusses the valuable root.

The sun on the leaves producing the green that eventually leads to our yummy green bean!

Freckles and speckles and bugs seeking lunch.
Ms. Thomas’ internal rhyme packs a punch.

The back matter’s full of info for kids
And teachers can help track bean’s growth on math grids.

Or have children write their own vegetable poem
about their favorites in their gardens at home.

Wonderful words in a cumulative tale
and great illustrations in exquisite detail.

I recommend Green Bean! Green Bean!
and perhaps it will lead to green bean cuisine!

Green Bean! Green Bean! Review by Gayle C. Krause @2016

Patricia Thomas grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania where she learned the delight of summers spent barefoot and hands digging in garden dirt. From her teacher parents, she also learned the joy of books, reading, poetry, and rhyme. The gardening part paid off when profits from 4-H tomato projects helped finance tuition at Penn State University. She married her PSU sweetheart, became a copywriter/editor, raised a family, and discovered she was a children’s writer. Today, nearly 45 years later, her first book, Stand Back, Said the Elephant, “I’m Going to Sneeze!” still sends kids around the world into gales of laughter. Her books, stories, and articles cover wide-ranging poetic and prose styles. She has presented workshops, writing courses, lectures, and teacher-education seminars.

Comment below: Share your favorite vegetable that you grow (or tried to grow) in your own garden.

Winner will be selected by and I will notify you to send me your address. Good luck to all!


  1. Fantastic review of Green Bean! Green Bean!, Gayle! Clever, clever you! How could I pass up a chance to win a signed copy of Pat's newest book? Well, I can't. Going to tweet now! :-)

  2. The kids and I love our pea plants - they are the first to spring up out of the cold frosty earth here in Maine, and are the fastest to produce their yummy garden snacks to munch while weeding the rest!! Melissa Estes

  3. Thanks for stopping by and spreading the word, Clara. WHat's your favorite vegetable? :)

    1. Carrots! Carrots in soup and carrots in salad and fingerling carrots with leafy tops straight from the garden if the rabbits don't get them first!

  4. Peas are one of my favorites to grow too, Melissa. I'm sure your children will enjoy Green Bean! Green Bean! You name has been entered for a chance to win. :)

    1. Thank you! We have 2 of Pat's books and cherish them for family story time! Your rhyming review of Green Bean is fabulous!

  5. Can't have a garden without tomatoes. Plum, grape, red and yellow. Would love to win a copy of Green Bean! Green Bean!

  6. I would love a picture book that would get kids interested in gardening! It's hard to pick a favorite garden vegetable but probably tomatoes.

  7. Thanks for participating, Cassia. Tomatoes are one of my favorites, too. Your name has been entered for a chance to win. :)

  8. katz - Tomatoes are a great choice. Thanks for participating. Your name has been entered for a chance to win. :)


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