Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year...New Book Ideas

Ideas come in waves, some for picture books, some for novels, and like the sea, they change the creative landscape of my mind. Sometimes, I dive right into a new story because the main character is so insistent that I start the story. Other times the idea gently rolls back and forth over a period of time until the exact words appear in my head.  
So with a new year upon us, I'm starting this new venture in blogging. I won't promise to write every day, but I will post something at least every week.

Today's writing wisdom - When those ideas strike, search for the link in your own life that makes the story meaningful to you. That's the heart of your story, and all characters, all events, will revolve around that personal experience, only seen through the eyes of your character, whether it be a little boy, a giant dragon, or an evil villain.

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  1. I like your perspective on how to begin a project. I'll be looking for your blog posts. Happy New Year!


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