Sunday, June 4, 2017

Recipe For a Book

Recipe for a Book
By Gayle C. Krause

You want to write a tasty book?
You’ll need one scoop of tempting hook.
1 teaspoon of a set-up scene
2 characters – one good, one mean
1 heaping problem to be solved
1 block of tension, soon evolved
1 tablespoon of woe and strife
1 ounce of love for MC’s life
1 heaping cup of voice and pace
Descriptions and a sense of place

Stir story batter. Add a dash
of hero’s rights and villain’s clash.
Sprinkle humor. Fold in facts.
Add one full quart of strong climax.

Whip it up until well-blended.
Let sit for weeks. The story’s ended.
Read once more with new, fresh eyes.
And if required, you must revise.


  1. Thanks, Penny. Glad you liked it. :)

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