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It’s hard to believe that Rock Star Santa is celebrating his tenth birthday this year. Children delight in his lyrical beat and Will Terry’s fun illustrations. Just as Santa travels the world, so has my picture book, Rock Star Santa.  

He has a following in the West Indies, England, Australia, and just this year he made did a concert in Asia. He made visits to schools in New York, Pennsylvania even had a ROCK STAR SANTA Christmas tree in a school in Utah.

To celebrate his tenth birthday, I am giving away a signed copy of ROCK STAR SANTA, a rhyming picture book critique and assorted goodies from Santa’s bag.

It’s Christmas Eve. The tree is lit and children await Santa’s arrival, only they’re not tucked snuggly in their beds dreaming of sugarplums. They’re stomping and clapping at a Christmas rock concert where Santa is the “star.” Santa’s snow-white hair is in a ponytail and he’s ready to rock. The rowdy reindeer band includes Donner on electric bass, eerily resembling Keith Richard. Blitzen has a Paul Stanley-like star painted on his eye as he plays the drums, and you can’t help but notice the resemblance of Comet to Slash, as he shoots across the stage.

But Santa is “THE MAN.” ROCK STAR SANTA is an original, modern day retelling of a Christmas classic, but what happens on this night before Christmas is ROCKIN’.

If you'd like ROCK STAR SANTA to perform in your home Christmas Eve, or receive one of the other Christmas treats in Santa’s bag, leave a comment below stating what you love MOST about Christmas! Or you can email me for more information at

I’ll start the Christmas ball rolling. What I love most about Christmas is –

The smells of the season!
·      The balsam tree fragrance when the lights are on.
·      The molasses crinkle cookies baking in the oven.
·      The cinnamon candles burning on the mantle.

Winners will be announced December 26th. Follow the Storyteller’s Scroll to find out if it’s you!

Rock on! Rhyme on! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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