Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It’s Rhyme Time Tuesday and today is the day we announce

The Fabulous Fractured Fairy Tales Rhyme TimeWinner

With so many clever rhymes to choose from it was a difficult decision. From Pinocchio, the surfboard, to Goldilocks hiding out in Rapunzel’s tower the rhymes were clever, humorous and a nice diversion from whatever other manuscripts we are working on at the moment.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. The winner of a signed ROCK STAR SANTA picture book and a free full service picture book critique from “First Peek Critique” is “The Date” by Kevin McNamee.

An interview with Kevin will be available on my blog sometime next week.

For the rest of you who entered I’d like you to walk away with something, too. So if you would like I’m offering a general overview critique for free, valued at $25.00, from First Peek Critique for a magazine poem.

You may contact me here.

Thank you for entering the contest. Check back for more coming up soon.



  1. What a fun contest! I honestly tried to come up with something but nothing panned out for me. I did enjoy reading the entries, however. Congrats to Kevin!!

  2. Congratulations, Kevin!! Woohoo!

    It was fun reading all the entries.

  3. Thank you, it was a fun contest to enter.


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