Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Poetry Contest


This Tuesday, August 11th, the Storyteller is sponsoring a poetry contest.

Write a rhyming poem of no more than 12 lines about two Fairy Tale characters that would never have met.


Seeing Red

I’m the fastest cookie to escape from a pan.

No one ever could catch The Gingerbread Man.

I ran through the village. I ran through the wood,

‘til I ran straight into a red velvet hood.

It lay on the ground all tattered and torn

as the sun winked its eye on a bright summer morn.

When out of the brook marched a girl, looking pale

and in her hand was a dripping wolf’s tail.

“Get away from my cape,” she said with a shout.

“Or I’ll eat you for breakfast. Of that, there’s no doubt.”

I turned and scampered the way I had come.

Too Late! All that’s left of me now is a crumb.

Enter as many times as you wish by posting your poem in the comment section.

The winner will be announced on Rhyme Time Tuesday, August 25th.

Prize – An autographed copy of Rock Star Santa, a rhyming seasonal picture book and a free rhyming picture book critique by “First Peek Critique Services.”

Good Luck!


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    "Wolf! That's a wolf!" shouted Little Red Riding Hood.
    "Bears!" shouted Goldilocks. Each of them dashed
    down the shadowy path of deep Fairytale Wood,
    till they met in the middle...and tragically, crashed!

  3. Hi Gayle

    Thanks for posting this contest. This was fun! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything new and this contest got me motivated. Without further adieu, here’s my entry.

    The Date

    By Kevin McNamee

    Prince Charming wasn’t charming, Cinderella soon found out.
    The lies and broken promises had filled her full of doubt.
    Cinderella, the ex-princess, didn’t know what she should do
    Cause now well-meaning people say “I’ve got the guy for you!”

    But could she ever trust again? thought this despondent belle,
    She must know if he’s lying, but how would she ever tell?
    A friend of hers had set her up, she didn’t want to go.
    But this blind date worked out just great. His name, Pinocchio!

  4. Fun contest! :) Hopefully my humour is 'in bounds'!


    Rumpelstiltskin has thick skin
    (he’s only washed it twice).
    He swears and fights and farts out loud.
    He's practiced every vice.

    With that said, there is a thing
    that drives him ‘round the bend
    That makes him twitch, his eyeballs itch,
    his skin crawl end to end.

    A slimy rodent, rat, or mouse
    --well, anything that crawls--
    will make him stomp and beat his straw.
    He bounces off the walls.

    The sad thing is I’m somewhat late
    in sharing this advice.
    I think that Rumpelstiltskin just
    squished the three blind mice.


  5. Thanks for the challenge. I hope this entry fits the bill :)

    Dave Wright

    The Diner Club

    Jack’s Giant, I’m told, and the under-bridge Troll
    Fought daily ‘bout which would taste better:
    Three billy-goats-gruff or a boy, rough and tough.
    Then Giant adjusted his sweater.
    “Fe-Fi and a Foe, ground bones with some Joe
    Are the best things for curing what ails ya”
    The Troll argued back, “That ain’t even a snack.
    Compared to my goats, bones are so blah.”
    So they fought some more, and crashed through a door
    Until one of the monsters did waver.
    Then Giant agreed, when it came time to feed
    Trolls had a much better flavour.

  6. Little Miss Muffet's Big Dinner Party

    Little Miss Muffet
    sat on a tuffet
    eating her curds and whey.

    When along came a fairy
    who asked, "Is that dairy?
    I'd hoped for a vegan buffet!"

    Miss Muffet said, "Fairy,
    don't be so contrary!
    It's not like I'm serving up spleens.

    It's just cottage cheese.
    If you don't like it, please
    ask my caterer, Jack, for some beans.

    (This probably came to mind because I'm not eating dairy right now. Also, I forgot to say thanks for the fun contest!)

  7. What a good idea! It was fun to play around with some poetry. Don't know how good it is, but here's my entry;

    What Really Happened to Red’s Grandmother

    No doubt you’ve heard of Jack and his hill,
    but are you privy to rest of the tale?
    Well, I heard Jack tumbled smack into Granny
    and doused her with the contents of his pail.

    Now, Gran wasn’t happy, in fact, quite grumpy.
    And she raised her voice in disdain.
    “Look here, young man! I’m all wet and must change!
    Pay attention next time,” she complained.

    “What a cranky old goat,” Jill said to her brother.
    “It was an accident,” Jack cried. “How unfair.”
    And when B. Wolf asked ‘bout Granny’s address?
    Jack gladly pointed, “Her cottage is right over there.”

  8. Jack Plants His Beanstalk in the Wrong Yard.

    As two homeless pigs
    argue with their lawyer,
    and a winded wolf
    seeks a new employer,
    the last, whistling pig
    chops down a strange tree.
    Then it’s nothing but air,
    as far as Jack can see.


  9. These are fun!!

    The Hare’s Second Race

    Hare had lost:
    He fell asleep.
    “I’ll race another hopper!”
    The Frog Prince jumped
    Up at the chance.
    “I’ll beat that rabbit, proper.”
    The two lined up.
    A starting gun
    Got both the hoppers hopping.
    The trouble was,
    They didn’t see
    That grater wasn’t stopping.

  10. oops. 'grater' should be 'grader'

  11. Just Desserts

    I knocked upon Lil' Red Hen's door.
    I've never knocked at doors before.
    She answered. She bawked. Her eyes grew wide.

    "Go away. I'll not let you inside."
    "But I came to help you bake your bread."
    "Forget it! I'll make stew instead."

    I missed my chance. I don't know why.
    She'd have made a tasty "chicken" pot pie.
    Down the chimney was the best view
    of her sweet-smelling veggie stew.

    I slipped and fell into the boiling goop.
    Now, Little Red serves "Wolk-Tail" soup.

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  15. Snows

    Everyone knows the Snow Queen was mean,
    the evilest sorceress you've ever seen.

    She had fallen asleep in her cradle of ice
    when a blundering prince woke her up in a trice.

    Her eyes flashed open. She narrowed her sight.
    SHe gave the prince a terrible fright.

    "Excuse me, my Queen. It seems I now know
    in my confusion I've found the wrong Snow.

    Your lips were so cold. This couldn't be right.
    Please forgive my mistake for you're not Snow White.

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  18. This one is out of the running, because it's four lines too long, but I still wanted to share.


    “Herr Dude!” Hansel said. “Look! Gnarly wave!”
    Pinocchio turned. Did he have to be brave?

    “That water’s a wall. We’ll a-fall off and die.”
    If we a-go home, I’ll get you a pie.”

    Hansel just laughed. “Go for the curl!”
    Pinochhio shook and tried not to hurl

    Pinocchio sighed. His fright simply soared.
    “Why did I tell him that I was a-bored?”

    ‘Cuz Hansel heard ‘board’ and now he hung ten
    On top of the back of his new wooden friend

    That tsunami rose high in the afternoon sky.
    “I’m not afraid,” was Pinocchio’s lie.

    Hansel yelled, “Dude! What’s with your nose?”
    As higher and higher the giant wave rose.

    Pinnochio flipped, his eyelids a-flutter
    But both boys survived ‘cuz his nose was a rudder

  19. Hi folks:

    This participant must really want an autographed copy of ROCK STAR SANTA.

    She couldn't get in through the blog so she emailed her entry to me through my website. I've posted it here for her.

    Jay P. Singer

    While frantically searching for her sheep one day,
    Little Bo-Peep noticed children at play.

    Their mother, poor thing, was having some trouble,
    “It’s naptime,” she screamed, “kids, come here, on the double.”

    “Excuse me,” said Bo-Peep, “I need your permission
    To take all your children with me on my mission.”

    The Old Woman, tongue-tied, leaned out her shoe door,
    “A break from my ‘sweet soles’? Delighted, I’m sure!”

    Off went the kids, Bo-Peep took the whole crew.
    Once back, sheep and children, ALL, lived in that shoe.

    Now, no more whipping when it’s time to sleep.
    The kids are soon snoring-they love to count sheep!


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