Friday, September 24, 2010

Interview with Stella Michel - "An Eyeball in My Garden" Poet

Today we welcome the "bewitching" Stella Michel. BEWARE! Her "charming" smile may put a spell on you!

#1. What is your “favorite” spooky poem from the collection?
My favorite poem from the collection is Laura’s Highland Train, followed by Mike Sullivan’s Spooky and Angela McMullan’s poem, The Scarecrow. Really, there are too many to list. I also like the way Mummy’s Menu came out, especially since I had the least amount of time to write it.
#2. Where did your inspiration come from for your particular poems?
Laura’s poem, Witch’s Shopping List served as my inspiration for Mummy’s Menu. Beneath the Stairs was inspired by my childhood fear of our dank, cob-webbed basement and Igor Picks a Pet by watching too many black & white B horror flicks over the years.
#3. How does feedback from the other poets affect your final decision?
If two or more people point out the something they don’t like, then I’ll look to see how I can change it and improve upon it.
#4. How long have you been a rhymer?
Since I was about 11 years old. My first rhyming poem was one called “Life From a Lion’s Point of View”.
#5. Do you write varied forms of poetry for children?
I try to, although I find myself leaning toward particular forms time and again.
#6.How are you personally promoting your group’s debut book?
I’m participating in the group FB page and hoping to post something on our blog, when it’s ready.  I also hope to do a reading at our local library and pass out bookmarks (waiting to hear back from the director). I’ve told my fellow members of the Nassau School Library System about our book and am hoping many of them will purchase the book for their own libraries – in fact I’m counting on it. I’ve contacted a librarian I sort of know who reviews new books for School Library Journal and if our editor sends the book to SLJ’s  editor maybe we’ll get it reviewed. I hope so, since SLJ is a must when it comes to book selection! 
#7. Do you plan to do any book signings? If so, where can fans find you?
I hope so! I plan to approach my local Border’s for a reading and book signing and my local public library for a reading.

 Thank you, Stella. Next up..........Craig "Spiderman" Steele


  1. Great interview, Stella and Gayle!

    Stella, I love Mummy's Menu too.

    Great witchy photo! Hee hee.

  2. Stella, you make a beautiful witch! :D Another wonderful interview with a wonderful poet. Thank you Gayle and Stella!

    Susie Sawyer

  3. Great interview Stella and Gayle! Love the footwear, Stella and yellow was a nice choice for the stockings!

  4. Thanks, Diana, Susie and B.J. The stockings were lime green, actually, but the color looks a little off in this picture.

  5. Thanks for commenting. I love Stella's witch picture, especially her smile.

  6. Wonderful interview. I loved learning about Stella's poetic life, and her picture is fabulous!

  7. Great interview Stella and Gayle! Thanks for the info on the School Library Journal. I'll have to look into that for my other books.




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