Friday, May 27, 2011

Non-Traditional Mother Goose Poetry Contest at the Storyteller's Scroll


In winter, The Storyteller’s Scroll ran the second annual
Fractured Fairy Tale Rhyming Contest”

It was a great success. But in both the last contest and the previous one, some participants used beloved Mother Goose characters instead of fairy tale characters. So in honor of their favorite Nursery Rhymes we’re running a rhyming contest, this time using “MOTHER GOOSE CHARACTERS”

Starting June 1, 2011, participants will be able to submit their fractured nursery rhymes for a chance to win a rhyming picture book critique from First Peek Critique Service, valued at $75.00. Winner will be announced on June 14, 2011.

Here is an example:


  1. Poems must be suitable for children to read.
  2. No more than 16 lines.
  3. ***Poems must be from the POV of a Mother Goose character, but not the traditional POV.
  4. Submit in the comment section below.

ie: Little Miss Muffet from the Spider’s POV

Spider’s Response
 by Gayle C. Krause                                      

Miss Muffet hates me and I don’t know why,
so I’d like to take this time to reply
to her accusation that I scared her away.
I was only spinning my web on that day.

You say she’s innocent. That’s sure a joke.
She’s a drama queen who whines to the nursery rhyme folk.
As for missing her lunch, she eats curds and whey
from sunrise to sunset, everyday.

I don’t know what you all think I did.
She was so busy eating she thought that I hid
under an eave and then dropped down beside her.
Give me break. I’m a web-spinning spider.

Me? Apologize? For what may I ask?
I was minding my business with my spidery task.
If she paid more attention before she sat down
she wouldn’t have tarnished my name around town.

Have fun! Let your imagination fly. See what you can come up with. Make Mother Goose proud! J


  1. So nice to discover your blog, what a great version of Incy Wincy Spider. I'd love to do the competition, but I don't currently have any rhyming picture book manuscripts only prose and a rhyming MG novel. Maybe I'll do it anyway for fun. Great stuff!

  2. Catherine,

    Go for it. And in your case, you could send me the 1st chapter of your rhyming MG novel to critique if you win. Looking forward to your entry.

    By Stephanie Shaw

    Atop my horse I saw it fall
    So, I gave out a mighty call,

    “Bring some paste or bring some glue!”
    But even duct tape wouldn’t do.

    Though the shell was badly shattered,
    What remained was all that mattered.

    Not wanting it to go to waste,
    We took it to the cook with haste.

    The king’s chef added herbs and cheese,
    Some salt and pepper, if you please.

    He poured it in a pan with care.
    He flipped it high with speed and flair.

    So, though that egg had quite a fall
    It made an omelet fit for all

    (except, of course, the royal horses
    who waited for the salad courses).

  4. I loved your fractured Mother Goose rhyme, Gayle! And Stephanie Shaw's is a lot of fun, too! Loved the royal horses who waited for the salad courses!

  5. The Lonely Fork
    By: Annette McDermott

    I'm quite upset and don't know what to do.
    It seems that my dish has left town with a spoon.

    I'm just a fork and really quite plain but
    without my dish, I may go insane.

    I heard loud music, then saw a strange sight.
    A cow in the sky? No, that can't be right.

    Dog thought it was fun, but it scared the spoon
    to see a huge cow leaping over the moon.

    She grabbed my dish in a moment of fear
    and whisked him away yelling, "we're 'outta here!"

    My dish would be with me if that cow had the sense
    to stay on the ground or just jump a fence.

    So, here I stand lonely with only one wish.
    Please spoon, have a heart, and bring back my dish!


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