Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Don't forget, you rhymers out there. Mother Goose is expecting some "new" takes on her "old" rhymes.

Contest starts today!
Good Luck!


    By Stephanie Shaw

    Atop my horse I saw it fall
    So, I gave out a mighty call,

    “Bring some paste or bring some glue!”
    But even duct tape wouldn’t do.

    Though the shell was badly shattered,
    What remained was all that mattered.

    Not wanting it to go to waste,
    We took it to the cook with haste.

    The king’s chef added herbs and cheese,
    Some salt and pepper, if you please.

    He poured it in a pan with care.
    He flipped it high with speed and flair.

    So, though that egg had quite a fall
    It made an omelet fit for all

    (except, of course, the royal horses
    who waited for the salad courses).

  2. Stephanie:

    Cute! Very Good!

    We're off to an UNBEATABLE start! No SCRAMBLING for rhymes on this one. :)

  3. A Wise Lamb
    by Russ

    A butcher man had moved to town, his eye on every cow.
    None were left to jump the moon, no oxen at the plow.

    The milkmaid searched for her cow of crumpled horn
    Is it any wonder why she looked so forlorn?

    Boy Blue looked under haystacks. Every calf was gone.
    In his shop, the butcher even sold rolled roasts of fawn.

    Now we know why Mary’s lamb stuck to her like glue.
    He wasn’t taking chances at being sold for stew.

  4. Russ:

    And here we thought he wanted to be studious! LOL
    Good luck!

  5. Madeline could not get her poems to post so she contacted me and asked if I would post them for her. She has two. will post them separately.

    The Storyteller

    Madeleine Kuderick

    Little Boy Blue Explains Himself – version #1

    I wasn’t sleeping in the hay
    while sneaky sheep clomped away.

    I wasn’t dozing in the bales
    while corny cows flicked their tails.

    I wasn’t snoozing in the straw
    like some old man said he saw.

    And let’s get one thing straight Buckeye.
    When boys are blue, they don’t cry.

    I had a reason to be gone
    that didn’t involve a single yawn.

    A little lady named Bo-Peep
    came whining ‘bout some missing sheep.

    And what’s a little boy to do
    but help her find her wooly crew.

    And for my trouble, I got grief.
    Bo-Peepers was a little thief! {illo of Bo-Peep stealing his horn}

  6. Madeline's Second poem.

    Little Boy Blue Explains Himself – version #2 – in original meter

    Listen to me, come hear my tale
    ‘cause I wasn’t dozing beneath a hay bale.
    Where did I go while my flock slipped away?
    It wasn’t to catnap in the hay.
    Will I tell you? Yes, I should.
    For if I do, you’ll know I was good.
    Little Bo Peep came ‘round that day.
    “My sheep have all wandered,” she whimpered away.
    What is a boy gonna say to Bo Peep?
    “I’m here to help you find those lost sheep.”
    Did she thank me? No, not she.
    Instead Bo Peep stole my horn from me.

  7. Stephanie,
    Terrific poem! SO cute. I really enjoyed it.

  8. Madeline:

    Never trust a wide-eyed shepherdess! :) Good Luck!

  9. Turtle Dude couldn't figure out how to sign on either.

    ***Anyone wanting to participate must be able to use one of the profiles from the drop down menu below. The easiest way is to sign up for a Google account. It doesn't mean you must have a blog.

    Here's Turtle Dude's contribution----

    Jack and Jill went up the hill
    They were in the mood for some food
    Jack could eat no fat
    Jill could eat no lean
    Jack be quick
    Jill be slow
    Both plates were soon licked clean
    Jack got on the table
    Jack jumped over a candlestick
    Jill fetched a pail of water
    Jack fell down and broke his crown
    Jack be nimble
    Jill with a thimble
    Jill did her job and stitched Jack's nob
    Jack sat down to order dessert
    and Jill ordered soon after

  10. Turtle Dude:

    What a conglomeration of Jacks and Jills. Did you leave anybody out? LOL

  11. The Lonely Fork
    By: Annette McDermott

    I'm quite upset and don't know what to do.
    It seems that my dish has left town with a spoon.

    I'm just a fork and really quite plain but
    without my dish, I may go insane.

    I heard loud music, then saw a strange sight.
    A cow in the sky? No, that can't be right.

    Dog thought it was fun, but it scared the spoon
    to see a huge cow leaping over the moon.

    She grabbed my dish in a moment of fear
    and whisked him away yelling, "we're 'outta here!"

    My dish would be with me if that cow had the sense
    to stay on the ground or just jump a fence.

    So, here I stand lonely with only one wish.
    Please spoon, have a heart, and bring back my dish!

  12. Very cute, Annette. A "spoonful of fun!"

    Good Luck. :)


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