Saturday, June 11, 2011

NJSCBWI - A New Take on Silver and Gold

Making New Writer Friends and Reconnecting with Old Ones

Last week I had the best time at the NJSCBWI Conference despite a few family setbacks. (An emergency room visit in the middle of the night) But that's another story.

I was thrilled to meet and chat with some of my POET'S GARAGE members. I had met Stella and Diana before, but this was my first time meeting Laura.

I also ran into my old friend, Patti, who by the way had been my very first roommate at the POCONO SCBWI conference years ago. Since then I have published a picture book and she has obtained an MFA from Vermont.

I spent some time with Nancy, Allison, Kristin, Christina, Mary, Elena, Edward, Ammi, Eileen, and Alvina.

New friends made, included my awesome YA peer critique group, Suzy, Susie, Marcy, Christine and Nicole.

Aside from writer friends I also made new friends with editors and agents. So now I'm busy revising away in hopes that next year I'll be one of the agented authors attending.

Go to a writer's conference. It builds your self-esteem, gets you excited about your work and stimulates your creativity, not to mention your appetite, friendships and life in general. :)


  1. Yes, I agree. It was an awesome conference!

  2. Corey:

    It was so nice to meet you in person. Next year, we'll take a picture together and I'll count you among my "new" friends. :)

  3. Sometimes those SCBWI conferences are exactly the boost we need, aren't they, Gayle? So thrilled that you got inspired! I went to Eastern NY SCBWI on Saturday and that was a fabulous day, too!

  4. I usually go to that one, Clara. But I had a previous commitment on that Saturday.

    Maybe we'll can get together this summer. :)


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