Monday, April 23, 2012

The Picture Book Page Turner Contest

Finally............The Picture Book Page Turner Contest!

I know I promised all you PB writers out there a contest and here it is. Win a full critique of your picture book with this writing prompt.


1. You must be a follower of "The Storyteller's Scroll."

2. You must write the first page of picture book using this illustration as your inspiration.

3. It can be no more than 30 words.

4. It must have a hook at the end that will make the reader want to turn the page to see what happens.....

And what will happen is that the entry with the most evocative page turner will WIN!!!
So get your thinking caps on and your fingers a-typin'...........

Contest runs from April 23rd to April 30th


  1. Beauty and the Bread

    Clementine hid in the flowers. Fresh-baked bread smells teased her tummy.
    She tiptoed to the cottage window, hoping to find a crumb.
    “Ouch,” she cried.
    Something big stomped on her tail.

  2. The Munchies

    The sweet smelling smoke made their bellies tumble with hunger. The house looked tasty. They hopped toward their dinner.

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  4. A Secret Special Place
    Jordyn opened the door.
    The earth was a stir with life.
    Jordyn didn’t want to be bothered. She kicked some dirt and shuffled down the lane.

  5. A boring house.
    A quiet wood.
    The door is locked.
    But the smell is good.
    Shirley should not have entered.

  6. Everything was fine until the day the Bad Bunny Gang hopped out of the forest and chomped all the grass off Mr. Wolf's roof.

  7. It was a beautiful day in Sunnybrook Hollow.
    Morris McCreedy leaned out his bedroom window and inhaled the fresh scent of wild poppies.
    “I hate spring,” he groaned.

  8. Some great entries here, folks.

    Please make sure you are a follower before the contest ends.

    Looking forward to the winner's "real" picture book. Hope I can help you create a real "page turner." :)


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