Saturday, June 30, 2012

The e-books are coming! The e-books are coming!

Get ready for the e-book invasion.

It's happening faster than we know. Personally, I've been contacted by at least four people I know or have dealt with in critique groups, or from my blog that have now been published in ebook format. Some have worked with e-book publishers. Others have self-published. Either way, the e-books are coming so if you haven't gotten an e-reader yet, do it now. Those of you who say you want to hold a book in your hand may find yourselves going to library sales or garage sales just to find a paper book.

Not, really, we're not there yet, but that day is coming, and so are the e-books!

Definition - An electronic book (variously, e-bookebookdigital book, or even e-editions) is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices. Sometimes the equivalent of a conventional printed book, e-books can also be born digital. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the e-book as "an electronic version of a printed book," but e-books can and do exist without any printed equivalent. E-books are usually read on dedicated e-book readers, personal computers and some mobile phones. 

We're a two e-reader household. My husband owns an iPad and I have a Kindle Fire. We're ready! 

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