Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

My good friend from The Poets’ Garage, Laura Sassi has bestowed the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD upon me. Laura is a celebrated poet and writes wonderful rhyming picture books. Her blog is called Laura Sassi Tales http://laurasassitales.wordpress.com/ 

Thanks for thinking of me, Laura. It’s great to feel appreciated by a fellow author, especially who knows how hard we all work.  This is a fun way to cheer each other on and I am happy to receive and pass along the award.

The rules for the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD are simple.  First, thank the person who nominated you. Second, write 7 things about yourself that no one knows. Third, nominate several creative bloggers for this award. So here goes:
My seven fun facts:

1.    I hold writers’ retreats at my home and several novels, poems and picture books of writer friends that have found their way to publication have started in my great room before a blazing fire.
2.    I was an Early Childhood Education teacher who trained prospective teachers at the high school and college level. In conjunction with that program I also directed a laboratory nursery school. Therefore, my writing tends to be rhyming picture books for the younger set and dark novels for the YA crowd.
3.    I write poetry to refresh my brain after completing a long novel.
4.    I find editing other writer's work easier than editing my own.
5.    I have so many ideas in my head for stories I think I’m a bit insane. J
6.    My favorite fairy tale, as a child, was The Twelve Dancing Princesses and someday I hope to adapt it into my own retelling.
7.    I’m was an avid Nancy Drew reader and still have all of my books (about 40). They kept writing after my tastes grew. I now like fantasy, historical fantasy or historical fiction and that’s what I tend to write.
TERRIFIC WRITING BLOGS  I wholeheartedly nominate for the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD: (Please check them out.)
http://funnypoetrygirl.blogspot.com/ Elliah Terry, children’s writer of picture books and awesome MG novels
http://claragillowclark.blogspot.com/ Clara Gillow Clark, MG historical fiction novelist
https://writingroxanne.wordpress.com/author/rwerner396/ Roxanne Werner, assistant fiction editor at Stories for Children


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