Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TWICE BETRAYED  is finally published!

So what inspired me to write TWICE BETRAYED?

I’ve always loved history and discovering how things came to be.

When I walked in Pompeii, I felt like I had been there before.

In the Coliseum, a new story blossomed, which I’ve yet to write about one of the entertainers.

In the Caribbean, I’m positive the long-lost pirates whisper to me with each crash of the waves, and so I also have a female pirate story I’m working on. 

But Perdy's story was different. Hers started ten years ago, when I was inspired to write a story with a historical basis. Being an avid seamstress and a certified Home Economics teacher, something with sewing seemed to be the right choice....And Perdy was born.

I wrote the story first. And after it was completed, when I visited the Betsy Ross House, I froze in my tracks. My husband asked me what was wrong.

But nothing was wrong…it was right. I had described the shop, the kitchen, the bedroom Perdy shared with her sister and grandmother in great detail. The only difference between TWICE BETRAYED and the real thing was the shape of the stairs. Mine are square with landings between floors and the real house has circular stairs within the walls.

And since the whole story about Betsy Ross making the first flag is a legend, with no real proof that she actually did make it (ask any historian) it was a perfect setting for my story. 

I love stories that revolve around the Revolutionary War and a girl who sewed and lived during that time was a perfect character for me. And yes, I am in Perdy, somewhere. She's determined, creative, and a little bit feisty.

TWICE BETRAYED is a mix of fact and fiction stitched together to bring new light to the fabric of our country's beginnings, told from the eyes of a 13-year-old, who fell into a web of deceit and struggled to win her freedom, just like the country being born around her.

Mystery, danger, spies, friendship, family, and young love are woven into Perdy's story. I hope you will join her as she travels the streets of Colonial Philadelphia, sometimes running, sometimes tiptoeing, but always looking over her shoulder. 

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