Thursday, October 1, 2020

Fall Writing Frenzy 2020 - Image #12 LITTLE WITCH


A “Little” Witchy Magic!



My sisters said I can’t attend the Midnight Magic Ball. 

“A snip of a witch! Untried! Unskilled! Besides…she’s much too small.” 


My biggest sister says she turned a boy into a ghost. 

And changing puppies into cats? My middle sister’s boast!


But I will prove them wrong if I practice every day. 

My spells will be original. Not any “old witch” way! 


I’ll make my magic perfect. All I need to do is focus. 

A sparkling wand, some spooky smoke…a “little” hocus-pocus! 


I’ll call the forest fairies to dance upon a pin. 

And set green vines a twirling ‘round all pumpkins with a grin. 


I’ll send a vampire bat to swoop across an eerie moon. 

And change one sister’s cat into a goodie-stealing goon. 


My other sister’s cat will bring me all her candy treats. 

And I will give the sweets to costumed kids that walk the streets. 


Do not misjudge my magic! Be it potion, chant or spell… 

My “little” witch enchantments are for “Show” and not for “Tell!”

170 words




  1. Cute! I enjoyed reading your story, particularly that fun last line!

  2. Thanks, Sarah. It comes from being PRE-K Director Formosa of my life!

  3. Love this play on showing and telling and all the super images!

  4. Thanks so much. Glad you liked it. :)

  5. I'm rooting for the little witch! Hope she shows her sisters. :)

  6. Thanks! Happy you enjoyed her "little" story. :)

  7. Your snip of a witch is quite the adorable and mischievous character. I love your inventive wordplay, especially the magic contained in these lines: I’ll call the forest fairies to dance upon a pin./And set green vines a twirling ‘round all pumpkins with a grin."

  8. Thank you, Anne. I'm happy you liked my "little" witch and her "big" plans to show her sisters that she does have magic! :)

  9. It's hard to compete with sisters!

  10. :) But it happens all the time! I know, being the oldest of three, we each have our strengths. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Thanks for sharing this witchy rhyme with us for the fall writing frenzy! Sincerely, Kaitlyn Sanchez


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