Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Poetry Contest

Announcing the "2nd Annual Halloween Poetry Contest" at The Storyteller's Scroll

Vie for a chance to win a complete rhyming picture book critique from

“First Peek Critique”

You will get a chance to create an EYEBALL poem of your own to celebrate
“An Eyeball in My Garden.” Winner will be announced on Halloween.

So get that icky eyeball rollin’…..
See the putrid possibilities of persnickety poems.
View a vampire’s voracious verse.
Glimpse inside a goofy ghost’s ghazal
Look for Jack O’Lantern’s loquacious limericks.

To enter “The Great Eyeball” Poetry Contest:

1. Become a follower of The Storyteller’s Scroll.
2. Create an original Halloween poem, suitable for children, on the topic “EYEBALL,” and submit below.

Sample EYEBALL poem:


There’s an eyeball in my garden.
It lies beneath a bean.
I don’t know how it views the world
or what it’s ever seen.
It doesn’t have an eyelid.
It doesn’t blink or cry.
It rolls around just searching
for its empty, hollow eye.

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 1st Place - A Full Picture Book Critique
2nd Place - The Monster in My Closet by Eric Klug
3rd place - Chocolate Peanutbutter "Eyeballs"


Visit for more information about “First Peek Critique.” 


  1. A Zombie's Dilemma
    by Russ

    Eyeball, eyeball.
    Stoppin' to say hi all.
    Rollin' down the highway
    looking for my mate.

    Sigh ball. Hi ball.
    I found my master's eyeball
    It's hidin' 'neath a rosebush
    inside the garden gate.

    "Why ball, eyeball
    do you hide from I ball?"
    The master needs a matching pair
    to view his ghoulish date.

    Lie all. Fie all.
    He stoops to find his eyeball
    lying among roses,
    hidden underneath.

    Sigh all. eyeball.
    He really out to try all
    ways to keep his eyeball
    for now he's lost his teeth.

  2. There once was a scary old witch,
    The thought of her near made me twitch,
    But she had a nice twin,
    With a similar grin,
    My thought? Which witch was which?

  3. Thanks Randy. I love witches. In fact I was in Salem this past weekend.
    Good luck to you.


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