Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Interview with WIlliam Shakespeery - "An Eyeball in My Garden" Poet

Stopping by to visit us today is William "Bill" Shakespeery, the genius behind the Poets' Garage. Without him there would be no "Eyeball in my Garden," literally!

#1. What is your “favorite” spooky poem from the collection?

I have a number of favs, but if I must be nailed down to one, tonight it would be The Goblin Parade, written by Jennifer Cole Judd.  The image of goblins marching down the block is horrifically fabulous.

#2. Where did your inspiration come from for your particular poems?

Before writing for this anthology began, I sought out to read spooky poetry. My inspiration often comes by seeing what others have done.  One book in particular was written by Jack Prelutsky titled, Nightmares.

#3. How does feedback from the other poets affect your final decision? 

Peer feedback is critical to my writing and absolutely plays a role in my decision making process.  I am only able see a poem from my biased point of view.  But feedback allows me to see the work through another’s eyes.   The feedback I have received not only directs me to things I may have overlooked, but has also pushed me to dig deeper—to ultimately make each poem more compelling.

#4. How long have you been a rhymer?

Inspired by the late Shel Silverstein, I wrote my first children’s poem in 1996, and have been writing ever since.   I can’t seem to get enough of it.

#5. Do you write varied forms of poetry for children?

I typically write rhyming, narrative poetry.  It’s my favorite form to read and what I have the most fun in creating.  I really should branch out more.

#6. How are you personally promoting your group’s debut book?

By word of mouth, passing out bookmarks (when I get a hold of them), my website, Facebook, and readings at local stores when it’s closer to Halloween…if I’m feeling brave enough.

#7. Do you plan to do any book signings? If so, where can fans find you?

No signing dates have been inked as of yet, but info will be posted on the 'An Eyeball in my Garden' Facebook fan page in the future.

And last, but not least, the next poet to visit The Storyteller's Scroll will be Christy Critchfield


  1. Awesome interview, Bill and Gayle! Where would we be without wonderful William Shakespeery??

  2. Great interview!
    We went to a garden recently and I noticed one of those eyeball berry plants. I forget the true name. My daughter got a real kick out of that when I explained it to her.

    Good stuff. We're loving the poems!


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